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In La'kesh! Namaste. Peace. ...AUM... Gratitude & Blessings.
HEY HO the wind blows free! Rainbow Warrior's come to town!

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Once upon a time in the past, there was a more kindly system when talented artists sought patrons among the wealthy to keep their art and families alive... I am in need of financial help in order to continue this and other artistic and communications work here on 3D Earth.

I own the federal trademark to the mark "SHAMAN" for sale of recorded music. SHAMAN STARSEED the rock band project has a few songs that would rock the revolution given a bit of financial investment and strategy. Would you like to be that investor? Please contact me at: to discuss further.

Instrumental Music

Traditional music in the English speaking world generally pertains to the remnant flourishings of the tree of Celtic music with roots going back many hundreds of years, that is the folk music of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England also via immigrants from America and Australia. I went to Ireland to learn the fiddle, so my repertoire is heavily from Ireland, however I do play a fair amount of the traditional music of Scotland, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Slavic countries, Spain, and the U.S. In my repertoire also are a number of ragtime and dinner violin music pieces, tangos and other South American pieces, and a (very) few classical pieces. Many pieces I play here are my own compositions, some of them fit into one traditional style or another, some blend styles and some are literally from outer space. The melodies all contain wisdom and ancient ancestral connections to strengths, patterns, joys and lessons that run through our veins entwined with our DNA. I sometimes go into trance where I am consciously channelling nature spirits and melodic sprites. It's all very fun! (like a fairy riding a dragonfly) I do hope you enjoy the music even half as much as I do! To me, the flowers of traditional music and the sprites that live in them are a magical, mystical garden of delights, filled with fragrance and life charging energy.

Vocal Music

Original songs to inspire people to reconnect with the Earth and Galaxy. Original songs for Lightworkers. Namaste.